Our commitment to security

Being secure online, especially when it comes to digital transactions, isn’t something that any company can compromise on. Data security and the best fraud prevention measures are vital for any business, not least those in emerging regions.  

How do we keep you secure?

By fully encrypting sensitive data and all communications

Our rigorous security measures include a variety of industry-standard tools to keep your business safe. These include data encryption, tokenization, and stringent data lifecycles. 

Data encryption

Data encryption protects the confidentiality of sensitive information, storing it on secure computer systems and networks, using algorithms to encode and decode the data.


We go that extra mile when handling credit card transactions, ensuring that our clients’ information is saved in a tokenized form, making it unhackable and irreversible.

Advanced payments

Our clients benefit from a broad range of alternative payment methods. These are enabled via our gateway, alleviating the time and hassle associated with credit card systems.

Stringent data lifecycle

We only keep our clients’ personal data on file for as long as legally necessary, according to the local laws in their jurisdiction. Stringent data lifecycle timeframes ensure maximum security.  


As a PCI Level 1 Service Provider under the PCI DSS, Zota fully complies with various global security regulations. This includes a globally renowned certification under ISO/IEC 27001.   

Bug Bounty Program

Collaboration with HackerOne

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Have you encountered a security problem?

If you want to report a potential vulnerability, please don’t hesitate to email our team at [email protected].